Bird's Eye View

2015 Radio Interviews

June 10th, 2015: Joe Winkelsas Canaries pitching coach, Joe Winkelsas joined KWSN's Craig and Chris on Tuesday afternoon to talk about his path to the major leagues, the 2015 pitching staff, and a whole lot more.


February 13th, 2015: Jason Repko Canaries broadcaster J.J. Hartigan joined KWSN's Chris Tubbs in studio for a conversation with the former Minnesota Twins outfielder (2010-2011) about joining the Canaries in 2015 and his time in the MLB.


Former Canaries broadcaster Scott Beatty sat down with various guests in 2012 as part of the team's 20-year celebration.

(The opinions expressed by the guests in these programs are solely their own and do not necessarily reflect those of the Sioux Falls Canaries or Sioux Falls Sports.)

Episode 6: Joe Anthonsen (June 2013)
Joe Anthonsen ranks as one of the top infielders all-time in Canaries history.  He played four seasons in Sioux Falls, from 2009-2012, and finished second all-time in hits (413) and first in runs scored (238).  After beginning 2013 with the Amarillo Sox, Anthonsen announced his retirement in early June 2013.


Episode 5: Matt Zimmer
Matt Zimmer began watching the Canaries as a youngster in 1993 and has covered them as a reporter with the Argus Leader for the last eight seasons. In his visit, he shares his memories of the team and his thoughts on the players and managers and minor league sports in Sioux Falls.

Part 1: Birds_Eye_View_--_Matt_Zimmer_part_1.mp3

Part 2: Birds_Eye_View_--_Matt_Zimmer_part_2.mp3

Part 3: Birds_Eye_View_--_Matt_Zimmer_part_3.mp3

Episode 4: Doc Edwards

Doc Edwards is now in his 55th year of professional baseball. The former MLB catcher and manager led the Canaries from 2000-2004. The Birds won two division titles and reached the postseason for the first time in franchise history in 2001. Edwards is second all-time in managerial wins with 200.

Part 1: Birds_Eye_View_--_Doc_Edwards_part_1.mp3

Part 2: Birds_Eye_View_--_Doc_Edwards_part_2.mp3

Episode 3: Beau Torbert

Beau Torbert is quite possibly the most prolific hitter in franchise history. From 2008-2010, Torbert was a two-time Player of the Year. In 2010, he hit .394 with 24 home runs and 100 RBI and was named Baseball America's Independent Player of the Year.

Part 1: Birds_Eye_View_--_Beau_Torbert_part_1.mp3

Part 2: Birds_Eye_View_--_Beau_Torbert_part_2.mp3

Episode 2: Terry Prendergast
Terry Prendergast has been involved in the franchise since day one, from owner to consultant. He helped drafted the initial leases and contracts for the league in 1993.


Part1: Birds Eye View -- Terry Prendergast part 1

Part 2: Birds Eye View -- Terry Prendergast part 2

Episode 1: Miles Wolff
A visit with Miles Wolff, commisioner of the American Association and founder of the independent Northern League in 1993.

Part 1: Bird's Eye View -- Miles Wolff Part 1

Part 2: Bird's Eye View -- Miles Wolff part 2