80's and 90's cult comedies dominate first homestand promos

Posted: 5/12/2021


Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you might miss it. So, BEHOLD, the Sioux Falls Canaries’ FIRST HOMESTAND PROMO THEME SCHEDULE, starting Tuesday, May 21. Nine games. Nine goosebump and fist-bump inducing themes, heavily tilted toward some of the best cult comedy movies of all-time – like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – and one wildly popular show about nothing, with opportunities for free tickets, discounted tickets, sweet deals on concessions (pizza, nachos, hot dogs and beer, oh my!) and awesome merchandise.

Best of all, you’ll be entertained by our live musicians, performers, on-field contests, and videos on our bright, shiny new 20x49 Dakotronics videoboard! Our renovated first base Budweiser bar sure beats being in gym class, as does the refurbished “The Kitchen” bar under the third base line grandstand. Your kids will love what we’ve done the place, too, thanks to the new Kids Zone with Rainbow Playground equipment and bounce houses. We’ll lead you down the primrose path. NINE TIMES! NIIIIIINE TIMES! Who’s with us… Bueller…. Bueller… Bueller… Anyone?... Fry?


Tuesday, May 18, 7:05 – Opening Shots Night!
After what we’ve all been through as humans over the last 13 months, having things like The Birdcage at full capacity and American Association baseball back to full strength is a real shot in the arm. And if you’ve had your shot in the arm – as in your COVID-19 vaccination – you get free admission with your valid vaccination card. If you haven’t received your shot, Lewis Drug will be inside the stadium to administer COVID-19 vaccines, if you so desire and medically qualify. Quick and painless! Plus, you can take a basketball shot and win a free pizza from Sunny’s Pizzeria until their free coupon pizzas run out! It’s also our first Groovy Tunes-day! We’ll be blasting 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s music, and all fans 50 and over will receive a $5 discount on their ticket (in-person office/ticket window purchase only, for best available seat at purchase). And it’s also Nacho Tuesday, meaning you can buy one order of nachos and get the second order for half-off thru the end of the fifth inning.


Wednesday, May 19 – (We Can’t do Star Wars, so let’s do) Spaceballs Night
George Lucas wouldn’t let us celebrate one of the top box office blockbusters of all time. So if the force can’t be with us, may the Schwartz be with you! We don’t need no stinkin’ Darth Vader, Skywalker, Princess Leia, Yoda, and Jabba the Hut when we can have Lord Helmet, Lone Star, Princess Vespa, Yogurt, and Pizza the Hut… and Barf! We’ll try to make the game move at Ludicrous Speed. We’ll have movie trivia for prizes. Try to guess the combination an idiot would have on his luggage! And we won’t need to comb the desert for great deals, because it’s our first Awesome 80’s Wednesday: Buy $8 tickets online, order one hot dog and get the second for just 80 cents thru the end of the fifth inning, and all pro shop merchandise will be 8% off all night. Merchandising! Merchandising! Merchandising!   


Thursday, May 20 – Seinfeld No Soup for You Night!
Let’s celebrate a show about nothing with… something. A BIG thing: Bring a can of soup – or any canned or boxed food item – to donate to Feeding South Dakota, and get $5 off your ticket.  Be the master of your domain by being one of the first 500 fans through the gate and get a free bag of pretzels that will make you thirsty! Which is good because it is Thirsty Thursday, and you’ll get two 16 oz. domestic beers for only $10 or two import/craft beers for just $12 thru the end of the fifth inning.

We’ll also be making black-and-white cookies, because if people just looked to the cookie, Elaine, all our problems would be solved. We’ll have a race for a prize (maybe Jon Voight’s car – well, not THAT Jon Voight), but you can choose not to run. Hosted by Jerry Seinfeld…………’s failed stand-up comic brother Larry.


Friday, May 21 – First Responders Night, presented by Interstate Sales, LLC
We’ll honor those who are first to the scene to save lives with free admission for all police department and fire department employees, and Emergency Medical Technicians who present a valid work I.D. at the ticket office. And we’re just getting started. A special ceremony to honor first responders prior to the game, a police vs fireman/firewoman vs EMT race, and the first Friday All-Star Fireworks Show of the season immediately after the game!


Saturday, May 22 – Ferris Bueller’s Night Off, presented Interstate Sales, LLC
As Ferris said, life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you might miss it. So don’t miss this chance to celebrate the 35th Anniversary of the John Hughes skipping school classic: Free SAVE FERRIS koozies to the first 500 fans through the gate. Test your knowledge of the movie’s best one liners to win a (model) Ferrari you won’t have to convince Cameron to borrow. Special appearance by Ferris Bueller and Abe Froman, the Sausage King of Chicago, although chances are you won’t see them at the same time. Get ready to Twist and Shout.  And get out of school (or work) with a $5 ticket discount to one of our Wednesday Noon games by showing your Ferris Bueller’s Night Off ticket stub. Sorry, we only have two of them, so you can’t do it NINE TIMES.


Sunday, May 23, 2:05 – Nine Innings of Winning!
Do you like winning? Duh, WINNING! Every inning, we’ll have a chance for every fan to win Birds merchandise – jerseys, bats, balls, hats, hoodies, helmets, and more. It’s also Sunday Family Funday, when you can order the online Family 4-Pack – 4 tickets, 4 hot dogs, 4 sodas for only $50! Kids can play catch in the outfield before the game (yes, adults can play catch with them) and run the bases after the game.


Tuesday, May 25, 7:05 – Disco Preservation Night!
Ba-dee-ya! Say, do you remember Disco Demolition Night, the most infamous promotion in the modern history of baseball? We’ll we’re here to preserve your disco records, not burn them. Bring them and we’ll keep them in a safe place, then we’ll do a little dance, make a little glove, and get down tonight and make sure to play that funky music so it keeps stayin’ alive in our first Groovy Tunes-day of the season. All fans 50 and over will receive a $5 discount on their ticket (in-person office purchase only, for best available seat at purchase). We’ll have “movies featuring disco” trivia for prizes – we’re thinking bell bottoms or platform shoes. And its also Nacho Tuesday, meaning you can buy one order of nachos and get the second order for half-off thru the end of the fifth inning.

Wednesday, May 26 – Major League Night

Yo, bartender! Jobu needs a refill! Our second Awesome 80’s Wednesday features the best baseball comedy of all time. Our on-field race may feature making you get out of your cot in your pajamas. Once again, $8 online tickets, buy one hot dog and get the second for 80 cents thru the fifth inning, and all pro shop merchandise is 8% off. We’ve got uniforms and everything. Well, jerseys, at least. If the Birds win, they might just win the whole f*ing thing! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a guy on the other line about some whitewalls.


Thursday, May 27 – Dazed and Confused Night
Alright! Alright! Alright! You’ll only come here to do two things: Kick some a** and drink some beer! Lucky for you, it’s Thirsty Thursday, so you can get two 16 oz domestic beers for just $10 or two 16 oz craft/import beers for only $12! Don’t worry, there’s no hazing. We’re all seniors, here. We’ll enjoy the best of what this 90’s cinematic treasure about life in the 70’s has to offer. If you'd like to stop thinking of the present as some minor, insignificant preamble to something else, well, you're in the right place. You gotta keep on livin’… L-I-V-I-N! Now, if you'll excuse me, I’ve got my own ride, but maybe I’ll see you later.