AC/DC, Man Buns, Bark in Park coming to Birdcage this week

Posted: 6/18/2021


 There is something for almost everyone at The Birdcage this week as the Canaries host six home games. Here's an idea... sample it all! 
Tuesday, June 22 @ 6:45 - AC/DC Night on a Groovy Tunes-Day
We'll shake you all night long! You'll be Thunderstruck by our celebration of one of the best hard rock bands of all time, with tributes -- both live and on our new videoboard. Ages 50 and over get a ticket discount because Moneytalks. It's also Nacho Tuesday -- half-priced nachos with an order of regular-priced nachos. You can choose not to rock with us, but it might send you on a Highway to Hell, and you'll be hearing Hell's Bells!
Wednesday, June 23 @ 6:45 - Awesome 80's Wednesday with Ghostbusters
If there's something strange in your neighborhood, who you gonna call? The Canaries! We're all about strange, because we're all fuzzy on the good/bad thing. What's bad about $8 online tickets (, 80-cent hot dogs (with purchase of a regular-priced hot dog), and 8% off all merchandise? And, we may just cook up some BIG TWINKIES! (The request to our chefs is in). We'll play 80's music all night and scenes from one of the most iconic movies from the Decade of Decadence. Now, back off, man, I'm a scientist! I'll slime you!
Thursday, June 24 @ 6:45 - Fun with Man Buns on College Night on Thirsty Thursday!
You know, the Man Bun gets a bad wrap, at least from a lot of fellow men without man buns. Why? Are they jealous other men who grow luscious locks but sometimes want to curl them up so their hair isn't everywhere, or because it looks cool? The answer is yes. Are women only allowed to put their long hair in buns? No! We will not only make The Birdcage a safe space for Man Buns, but make men with man buns the stars! Ticket discount if you have a man bun! Plus, a Facebook contest to see who rocks their man bun the best to be a finalist in the First Annual Sioux Falls Canaries Most Magnificent Man Bun Contestwhich shall include a Man Bun Tying, Untying and Beer Chugging Race! And speaking of beer it is Thirsty Thursday, so 2 domestic tallboys for $10 and 2 craft/import tallboys are $12. And the world is really your oyster if you are a man with a man bun and are in college because it is College Night, and tickets are just $5 for college students who present valid I.D.! (Note: the creator of this night and writer of this paragraph is a BALD MAN who is comfortable enough in his baldness to celebrate a night of men with manes and buns, and is proud to celebrate difference and diversity... and speaking of that...........)

FRIDAY, JUNE 25 @ 6:45 - 2nd Annual SIOUX FALLS PRIDE NIGHT at The Birdcage!
The Sioux Falls Canaries are proud of the diversity on our team and in our community, and we are PROUD to follow suit of many major professional sports teams around the world by embracing it the night before the Sioux Falls Pride Parade and Festival! Last year's Pride Night was the first such event in the history of South Dakota sports at any level, and one of our biggest and most electric crowds. You'll get the same family fun entertainment of every Canaries game, plus two speakers with powerful stories -- former Husker football player Eric Lueshen and United Congregational Church Rev. Martell Spagnolaand a live, family-friendly drag performance from the 2020 Entertainer of the Year Persephone Shakers. FREE FIREWORKS after the game! Get there early, because entertainment starts at 6:45!

For a better idea of why the Canaries have a Pride Night and the positive impact Pride Night has on the Sioux Falls Community, click here for a KELO-TV story about last year's Pride Night at the Birdcage:

Saturday, June 26 @ 5:45 - Bark in the Park Night presented by Mini-Critters
One of our most popular events every year, our feline phenomenon includes free tickets for dogs!  So, you dogs can eat, sleep, walk, sun-bathe, sniff other dogs, and bark... in the park. And they can, well, you know, do that other thing, as dogs do, but you'll need your own clean-up bag for that. And thank you! Proceeds will go to the Faith Temple Food Giveaway. There will be dog parks and mini-pools in the stadium for your pups to cool off, plus a dog trick contest and a mini-raffle for special Canaries jerseys. And it starts with a social media dog/owner look-alike contest! Details on that coming soon!
Sunday, June 27 @ 1:45 - Bad News Bears 45th Anniversary Celebration & Movie Showing
In 1976, the world was introduced to perhaps the first sports movie that thumbed its nose and made armpit fart noises at all sports movies -- and the stars were a bunch of sarcastic pre-teen kids and a beer-swigging coach free of hokey rah-rah. So let's honor it by having a viewing of the full-length feature on our giant, glorious new Daktronics videoboard after the game! It's a fun (PG-rated) movie for the whole family on our Sunday Family Fun Day, when you can get a Family 4-pack -- 4 tickets, 4 hot dogs, 4 sodas for just $50! (  We always celebrate youth baseball on Sundays with playing catch in the outfield before the game (2:05-2:30) and running the bases after it
Now get back to the stands before I shave off half your mustache and shove it up your left nostril!