Cagey to introduce Peep to fans

Posted: 8/16/2013

SIOUX FALLS  – Baseball has a way of bringing together families and many generations. It is no different for Cagey, the Sioux Falls Canaries mascot.

Beginning Tuesday, August 20, Canaries fans will see Cagey with his son, Peep, shadowing him at Sioux Falls Stadium.  Peep is a smaller – some would say cuter – version of Cagey.

“Now that Peep is able to fly on his own, it’s time he starts learning the family business,” Cagey said through a translator. “Right now he will stay by my side and meet fans for a few innings a game. Eventually, he’ll be able to take over for me.  I love my work, but my wings won’t hold up forever.”

Young fans will especially enjoy meeting Peep. Nicholas Ellerbroek, a four-year-old from Sioux Falls, has already gotten to know Peep and become very good friends with him.

“Nicholas has been a baseball fan for years already,” said Nicholas’ mother, Angela Ellerbroek. “He is also a huge fans of mascots, so getting to hang out with Peep is a dream come true.”

Both Cagey and Peep will be at the Birdcage when the Canaries open a six-game home stand at 7:05 p.m. on Tuesday, August 20, against the Fargo-Moorhead RedHawks. Tickets are available at the Canaries box office or by visiting their website, For more information, contact the Canaries at (605) 336-6060.