Mark it Down: Big Lebowski Night, July 9

Posted: 4/26/2021



On Saturday, July 9, The Dudes will abide in The Birdcage.

The Sioux Falls Canaries will change their team name to "The Dudes" and have special uniforms -- later to be raffled by fans -- for the team's first ever Big Lebowski Night, presented by Reliabank, celebrating the 1998 slacker crime comedy cult classic starring Jeff Bridges as "The Dude."

In honor of His Dudeness, fans who come to the game in a robe will receive discounted admission. And really,  The more people in on the bit, the merrier!

There will also be a raffle for fans to go home with one of the game-worn "The Dudes" jerseys, plus a raffle for a grand prize rug in honor of rug in The Dude's apartment, which really tied the whole room together.

For a chance at other fabulous prizes, we'll have a ball washing contest, some Big Lebowski trivia, and bowling. Don't you dare step OVER THE LINE, or we'll make you mark down a zero. And if you don't mark down a zero, well, you might be in for a world of pain.

We have been asked by Big Lebowski die hards if we will be serving White Russians. While we do not have a liquor license in the ballpark, we'll see what we can concoct. If we get around to it.