New video board coming to The Birdcage this summer

Posted: 4/14/2021




SIOUX FALLS -- Fans walking into The Birdcage for Sioux Falls Canaries games this season will literally see a BIG difference.

The club’s new owners, True North Sports LLC, purchased a brand new, state-of-the-art half-million dollar LED video board from South Dakota-owned-and-based Daktronics.

The crystal clear, high definition, 20 feet tall by 49 feet wide screen is roughly the same size as the Saint Paul Saints' screen at CHS Field in downtown St. Paul, has a matrix of 408 x 964, and resolution that rivals any video board in the region. The vivid and colorful digital display screen will be outlined by the structure of the old scoreboard that sits in centerfield.

Traditional scoring elements (inning-by-inning tally, batting lineups) and stats of the game will be displayed on the LED board, along with live game action, replays, pregame and between-innings live entertainment, and a wide variety of videos, many of which will be produced by the club, from game highlights to comedic and musical performances and promotions. 

“We want to show right away that we are bringing a whole new ballgame to Sioux Falls for the community to come together and enjoy, and what better way to show it than by investing in an absolute game changer for the fan viewing experience right away,” True North Sports LLC president and Canaries co-owner Brian Slipka said. “We are proud to partner with Daktronics, one of the premier companies and brands of South Dakota, whose scoreboards are enjoyed by millions of fans of major pro and college sports teams all over the world.

“This board will allow us to WOW fans with a media experience in ways the Canaries have never been capable in their nearly 30-year history. Pre-game through post-game: From game action, to replay, to fan interaction, to a roaming ‘show’ highlighting the amusing talent that will perform between innings, to displaying the creative and kooky videos that are becoming a staple of our new brand, the board will make the show that supplements our 56 home games even better.”

But the Daktronics screen will also be used for entertainment well beyond baseball games. The Birds plan on bringing live music events, movie nights, other performing arts, and private and corporate events to The Birdcage on nights the team is not playing, and the board will allow for a first-class experience.

“This place has felt like a sleeping giant laying on a gold mine of awesome entertainment for years, and this Daktronics video board will allow so much awesomeness to burst through that screen,” said Canaries general manager Duell Higbe, who has been with the club for nine years, starting as an intern.

“Coming to a baseball game should be about more than baseball for fans of all ages. It should be a memory-making experience. With this board, we'll not only be able enhance the fans’ view of the baseball and our between-innings contests and performances, but we’ll also be able to display pre-recorded entertainment involving the players and our staff of wily hams like Harry Canary, Joey Zanaboni, and other new characters we can’t wait to bust out.”

The players and coaches will certainly take notice, as well.

“I know our players will be excited about the new video board," Meyer said. "There's nothing better than seeing yourself hit a 500-foot home run, or make a diving play on a brilliant new video board, and it's cool to see yourself and teammates in a funny video.

"Beyond that, they play better and get more excited coming to the ballpark when they know they're going to play in front of lively, happy crowd, and be a part of something special. The players want to be a part of the party, too, and we're so pumped our new owners are investing right away in turning The Birdcage into a big, rocking party this summer."