John Gaskins


Director of Game Operations and Entertainment

Being Harry Canary and other eccentric characters at Canaries games like "Sweet Caroline" crooner Neil Diamond...'s nephew Doug, Kenny Chesney's not-so-identical twin brother Denny (Some of the biceps, none of the talent), and Jon Bon Jovi's distant French cousin Jauques is the most fun John has ever had on a job.

But making sure fans leaving The Birdcage with a smile on their faces and eagerness to come back soon is a role the veteran sports radio host takes seriously and relishes. 

The Omaha native and University of Nebraska alumnus spent the 2020 season and 2020-21 offseason as the team's Media Director, bringing over 20 years of radio, TV, and sportswriting experience to the team's branding on both social media and traditional outlets. Before that, John spent 15 years coming to The Birdcage as a casual fan and looks forward to introducing more fresh in-game entertainment to compliment the traditional family fun each Canaries game provides.