Cagey has lots of favorite treats for everyone.  Check out the information below to see any allergens so that you can make the best decision on what to eat.  Gluten Free buns available upon request.

Gluten Present

~Items that have gluten~

BBQ Pulled Pork

also contains pork

Chicken Waffle Cone

also contains meat

Hotdogs, Brats, & Hamburgers

contains meat

Curly Fries


contains eggs


contains eggs


contains eggs

Milk Present

~Ingredients Contain a Dairy Item (milk, eggs, etc.)~

BBQ Pulled Pork w/ Coleslaw

contains eggs, Pork, milk, soy

Buns on Hot Dogs, Brats, & Cheese Hamburgers

contains, wheat, egg, soy, milk, Cheese

Mac Attack Dog

contains: milk, pork

Loaded Fries

Contains: wheat, milk

Pork Belly Mac Fries

Contains wheat, milk, pork

Piggy Fries

Contains: Wheat, egg, pork

Walking Taco

Contains: milk

Loaded Nachos & Pizza Box Nachos

Contains: milk, lettuce, tomato, meat

Vegan Available Items

~Items that are vegan or available as vegan~

Veggie Dog

contains soy, served on a gf vegan bun, vegan chili available upon request

Basket Curly Fries

contains wheat
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