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On Saturday, May 21st, we’re gonna party like it’s 1993 — When Tag Team topped the charts with “Whoomp, There It Is,” The Nasty Boys were a top tag team in wrestling, Jurassic Park spared us no suspense in the theater, we said “cheers” to “Cheers” and “tally-ho” to Frasier. Best of all, the modern-day Sioux Falls Canaries took the field for the first time.

We’ll be wearing special retro throwback jerseys and have throwback prices on tickets, food, and drinks!! Plus plenty of 1993 games, trivia, music, and clips. You’ll have so much fun, it’ll leave you Dazed and Confused 😉 Alright, alright, alright!

Tickets for Saturday, May 21st are only $5 and we’ll have a special $3 food menu too!

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Note: all tickets except for Diamond Club tickets are $5