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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – August 5, 2021 – Sioux Falls Canaries Baseball Team owners Brian Slipka and Anthony Albanese today announced initial recipients of Canaries Community Fund charitable grants.

The Canaries Community Fund is a new initiative of the longstanding Slipka Foundation. In and around Sioux Falls, the Canaries Community Fund is focusing on the foundation’s three pillars of education, community involvement, and character-building among youth.

“The Canaries are much more than baseball,” said Slipka. “The team has been excited to seed the Canaries Community Fund with a healthy financial commitment. And now, we are pleased to announce our initial charitable grant designees through which we believe we can have an impact in achieving Slipka Foundation goals.”

Initial recipients of Canaries Community Fund grants include the following:

· Webster Baseball,, which will construct a wiffleball field at Veteran’s Memorial Sports Complex in Webster, South Dakota.

· Harrisburg Ball Field,, which will construct and renovate ball fields for the Harrisburg Tiger Baseball organization.

· Establishing Sustainable Connections,, providing partnership through financial and operational support at the Juneteenth celebration.

· Collision,, a Sioux Falls ministry that the Canaries will support through the ministry’s fundraising event, Driving Hope Back to Schools.

· Compass Center,, through the Little Navigators Empowerment Program, provides counseling, educational programs, and care for youth and families affected by domestic and sexual trauma.

· Empower Sioux Falls,, providing a “one-stop ministry shop” so people in poverty can experience spiritual, physical, emotional, and financial peace.

“We appreciate everyone coming to see the changes we are bringing to the Canaries, to The Birdcage, and to the community,” said Slipka. “Supporting the baseball team supports the Canaries Community Fund—and education, community involvement, and character-building in and around Sioux Falls.”

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