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Tuesday, August 10 at 6:45 – Aerosmith Night on a Groovy Tunes-Day
After a 13-game road trip, the Birds are back in the saddle again at home. You’ll no longer have to dream on about this night. We’ll give you a sweet emotion by playing songs and videos of one of America’s most popular rock bands, and hopefully treat the Cleburne Railroaders like a bunch of rag dolls. Ticket discounts for fans age 50 and over will leave you cryin’, as will $8 tickets for kids age 12 and under, as will half-priced nachos with the purchase of regular nachos. Because we’re crazy for you, baby! You won’t want to miss a thing. Now, kiss our sassyfras!
Wed., August 11 at 11:45 – Tyler’s Amazing Balancing Act on an $8 Ticket Awesome 80’s Wednesday We know you’ve been plotting the mid-week day for that great escape from the office. How about today, when you’ll see the best live entertainer we’ll have all season — a man named Tyler who balances everything from mugs of beer to ladders and bicycles on his face all afternoon longMeanwhile, we’ll have 80-cent hot dogs with the purchase of a regular-priced hot dog! All kids 12 and under get in for $8, but so do adults who buy $8 online tickets! And all merchandise is 8% off! And it will be done to the tune of all 80’s music!

Thursday, Aug. 12 at 6:45 – The BRO Olympics on $5 College Night & Thirsty Thursday
We are looking for the BRO-est BRO in Sioux Falls! Do even you lift, bro? Are you between the ages of 21 and 30? Want to show off that athletic prowess and dynamite personality for a free tickets, a Canaries muscle shirt, and a killer grand prize of a 6-pack of beer and Birds merch? Then sign up for the First Ever Canaries’ Bro Olympics. It’s a true test of strength, speed, chugging beer, flexing your muscles, and showing who’s BRO!

Finalists receive two free tickets to the game and a Canaries tank top to compete in! To become one, follow the Canaries on Facebook and submit to us a 30 seconds or less video of you describing why you should be in the BRO Olympics. Be buff. Be creative. Be funny. Be BRO. More bro than your fellow bros! We’ll choose four finalists.

Plus, tickets are $5 to all college students who attend with valid I.D., and Thirsty Thursday means two 16. oz domestic tallboys for $12 or two 16 oz. craft/import tallboys for $10!

Friday, August 13 at 6:45 – FREAKY FRIDAY THE 13th 
It’s Halloween in August with a free All-Star Fireworks show as the nightcap! Dress up in your weirdest, wildest, wackiest costume for a chance at spook-tacular prizes. We’ll determine the Top 5 best costumes and have a ghoulish grand prize for No. 1! Let’s turn The Birdcage into a fantastic, fabulous freak show, because Halloween is the funnest holiday of them all, and we can’t wait until Oct. 31!
Saturday, Aug. 14 at 5:45 – USD Night at The Birdcage
Calling All Coyotes! Don’t wait until the first football game to party with your fellow University of South Dakota fans. $5 from every online ticket sale will go to Dakotathon, the USD fundraiser for Children’s Miracle Network and Sanford Children’s Hospital. Charlie the Coyote will be there to entertain with Cagey and Peep, the Canaries mascots. USD merch from Charlie’s bookstore will be on sale. You’ll see epic Yotes highlights on the giant, brand new video board, and you better believe you’ll hear the fight song all night. Your kids can play in the new, supervised playground and bounce house area while you enjoy cold drinks, fantastic food, baseball, FUN entertainment, and your fellow Coyotes! Get your tickets and automatically donate to Dakotathon here!
Sunday, Aug. 15 at 1:45 – Faith & Family Day
A Birdcage annual tradition! Faith plays such an important role in the lives of so many, including our players, staff, and fans, and so we’ll celebrate it with universal messages and entertainment. You’ll hear live, contemporary faith-based music and see on our giant new Daktronics video board testimonials from Canaries and renowned major professional sport athletes about how their faith has powered their performance and brightened their lives. And, as always, kids and adults can play catch in the outfield from 1 to 1:30, and run the bases after the game. Bring your crew! Save a boatload by purchasing the online Sunday Family 4-pack — 4 tickets, 4 hot dogs, 4 sodas for just $50!
Monday, Aug. 16 at 6:45 – Parrothead Night on Margarita Monday
The Birdcage becomes Margaritaville — with Buy One, Get One Free $8 Mondo Margaritas  — and an All-Jimmy Buffett buffet of live tropical tunes before the game from long-time local bar band “Too Drunk to Fish,” which occasionally plays “Parrothead” nights around Sioux Falls and will make our 3rd base beer garden their latest tour stop. You can order some cheeseburgers in baseball paradise, or you can enjoy half-priced nachos with the purchase of regular-priced nachos. So, take your Bryl-cream — a little dab’ll do yah — your two-toned Ricky Ricardo jacket and your autographed picture of Andy Devine and have yourself a Groovy Tunes-day!
Tuesday, Aug. 17 at 6:45 – Van Halen Night on a Groovy Tunes-Day
We’ve got it bad, so bad: We’re hot for baseball! So let’s go ahead and JUMP to pay tribute to the late, great Eddie Van Halen, one of the greatest guitarists of all time. Can’t you see me standing here, I got my back against the wrecking machine?! It doens’t matter if you’re on Team Van Halen or Team Van Haggar. Our $8 tickets for kids 12 and under and ticket discount for age 50 and over will leave you unchained, as will our half-priced nachos with the purchase of a regular order of nachos. So let’s dance the night away! We’re going to do it right now, because there’s no tomorrow. It means everything!
Wed., Aug. 18 at 6:45 – Top Gun 35th Anniversary on an Awesome 80’s Wednesday
We feel the need – the need for speed, and we have not lost that lovin’ feeling! The Birds are going to take your breath away with a celebration of one of the iconic movies from the Decade of Decadence, and we’ll be your wingman any time. We’re not going to be happy unless we’re going Mach 2 with our hair on fire, so tickets for kids are just $8! Adults can purchase $8 tickets online. Enjoy 80-cent hot dogs with the purchase of a regular hot dog, and 8% off all Canaries merchandise. We’ll make the Birdcage a danger zone for Houston Apollos. It’s time to buzz the tower and watch the Birdies!
Thursday, Aug. 19 at 6:45 – WWE Night / $5 College Tickets / Thirsty Thursday
WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Can you smell what the Canaries are cookin’? It’s time for all you Hulkamanics, Andre the Giants, Ric Flairs, Rowdy Roddy Pipers, Jake the Snakes, Charlotte Flairs, Ultimate Warriors, Mr. Perfects, Baileys, Brutus the Barber Beefcakes, Hacksaw Jim Duggans, Bushwackers, and Superfly Snukas to bust those costumes out of your closet and flaunt that Flair, because those who come dressed as WWE wrestlers get a ticket discount and become eligible for a best costume costest, with some body-slamming grand prizes. We’ll show you some of the most spectacular scenes in rasslin’ history on our new Daktronics video board, and we may have some chair-breaking theatrics of our own. Plus, tickets are just $5 for all college students with valid I.D.! And Thirsty Thursday means 2-fer tallboys! — $12 for two domestic 16 oz. cans and $10 for all craft/import 16 oz. cans thru the end of the fifth inning! So, get on that top rope and get ready to jump into the ring! And that’s the bottom line — because the Canaries said so!
Monday, Aug. 30 – Game Show Night on a Margarita Monday
Tuesday, Aug. 31 – Hair Band Hysteria on a Groovy Tunes-Day
Wednesday, Sept. 1 – Caddyshack Night on an Awesome 80’s Wednesday

Friday, Sept. 3 – Negro Leagues Appreciation Night

Saturday, Sept. 4 – Superhero Saturday
Sunday, Sept. 5 – Harry Canary Bobblehead Day

Monday, Sept. 6 – The First Ever Mom Olympics on Kids Day (and Margarita Monday)

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