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We’ve come to understand that people in Sioux Falls love two things most: sitcoms and bobbleheads.

We’re wanting to give you all what you want so we’ve developed our Mount Rushmore of Sitcoms Bobbleheads and we’re going to give them out at select home games this year.

$35 can guarantee you a seat AND a bobblehead at 1️⃣ of our Bobblehead Nights. More information is below on which nights they are and what the bobbleheads are.

More Information on our Mount Rushmore of Sitcoms Bobblehead Nights

  • Seinfeld Night on July 22nd
    • We’re giving away a Frank Costanza Festivus Bobblehead
    • Everyone loves Christmas in July, but what about Festivus for the rest of us? From TV Guide’s No. 1 TV show of all time, Frank Costanza’s alternative holiday creation became TV Guide’s No. 3 ranked TV holiday episode of all time. We’ll celebrate with a Frank Costanza Festivus Bobblehead giveaway. We’ll air grievances.
  • The Office Night on July 30th
    • We’re giving away a Prison Mike Bobblehead
    • “Prison Mike,” from “The Convict” episode of The Office, where Dunder Muffin Paper Company Regional Manager Michael Scott creates a “prison persona” after his employees become convinced that spending their days in prison would be more fun than working in the office.
  • Friends Night on August 13th
    • We’re giving away a Joey from Friends Bobblehead
    • This time, it’s the dim-witted, lovable, struggling actor from the 90’s sitcom about… friends, who had the top pick-up line of the 90’s. Well, besides, “My name is George, and I live with my parents” from Seinfeld. Anyway, we’ll have Friends trivia, a “How You Doin’”-Off, a bunch of 90’s music, and a Joey look-a-like contest.
  • WWE Night on August 27th
    • We’ll be giving away a “The Trashman” Bobblehead from “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” created by Frank Reynolds, the character played by Danny Devito.
    • We’ll have our 2nd annual Ric Flair WOO!-off, and a best WWE wrestler look-a-like contest.