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Starting on Tuesday we’re going to be throwing a party at the Birdcage every day until the Canaries head back on the road next Monday.

🕺 Tuesday, July 19 @ 7:05pm – Queen Night on a Groovy Tunes-day

🦜 Wednesday, July 20 @ 7:05pm – Parrothead Night brought to you by South Dakota Wind Energy Association

🏎 Thursday, July 21 @ 7:05pm — Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Peep and Cagey

👴 Friday, July 22 @ 7:05pm — Seinfeld Night with Festivus 25th Anniversary Bobblehead

🐇 Saturday, July 23 @ 6:05pm — Jackrabbit Night

🐶 Sunday, July 24 @ 1:05pm — I Love Dogs Day!

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🕺 Tuesday @ 7:05pm — Queen Night on a Groovy Tunes-day

Join us for a Groovy Tunes-day at The Birdcage and enjoy some of the best music from Queen
🦜 Wednesday @ 7:05 – Parrothead Night brought to you by South Dakota Wind Energy Association

Jimmy Buffet, wind farms, and South Dakota energy. What could possibly go wrong??

It’ll be a party all night long starting before the gates even open on Wednesday.

There’ll be a tailgate in the parking lot to bring awareness to all of the career opportunities in renewable energy. Students from Mitchell Tech, Southeast Tech, and Lake Area Tech will be there as will several companies that work in the renewable energy space.

The tailgate will have food, drinks, music, and more!! Dare I say a party?

We’ll also have live music from Too Drunk to Fish and a party for the Sioux Falls Parrothead Club pregame in the beer garden.

🏎 Thursday @ 7:05pm – Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Peep and Cagey

It’s time to …SHAKE… and … BAKE …

Shake and Bake, Baby!!

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Peep and Cagey falls on a glorious Throwback Thursday and will feature our throwback $3 food menu, a jersey raffle, and some of the greatest content to remember one of the greatest movies of all time.


👴 Friday @ 7:05pm – Seinfeld Night with Festivus 25th Anniversary Bobblehead

Forget about Christmas in July, we’re celebrating Festivus, baby! Festivus is our heritage. It’s part of who we are.

Friday, July 22nd at 7:05pm we’ll be getting everyone together for a nice dinner and a baseball game to celebrate the holiday for the “rest-of-us.”

The tradition of Festivus begins with an airing of grievances. Following this, there will be a “feats of strength” competition for a fabulous prize.

💥 And for a Festivus Miracle? How about a firework show after the game from All-Star Fireworks!?! 💥

To celebrate the holiday to the fullest and kick off our Mount Rushmore of Sitcoms Bobblehead deal, we’re offering a bobblehead ticket package that features a complimentary Frank Costanza Festivus Bobblehead?

All You Can Eat and Drink is SOLD OUT for this Friday’s game, but there is still some availability for this Saturday’s game.

🐇 Saturday @ 6:05pm – Jackrabbit Night

Saturday is going to be an all-out party.

We’ll have TWO All-You-Can-Eat options available, a performance done by Tyler’s Amazing Balancing Act, and a night to celebrate all of the Jackrabbits in the Sioux Falls community.

Come party with us and get your All You Can Eat and Drink Package in advance of the game!

🐶 Sunday @ 1:05pm – I Love Dogs Day!

Take your dog to The Birdcage today — we’re paws-itive they will have a great time! 🐶

You (and your pup) won’t want to miss this special day game sponsored by Mini Critters 🙂

Plus, the Sioux Falls Zoo will be coming by with their Zoo Mobile so it’s a great game to bring your kiddos to with our Sunday Family 4-Pack 🐒


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